A large signet ring with an onyx

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a large signet ring with an onyx
It is a large signet ring, with a large onyx set in it. There is a stylish and curvy 'N' carved on the onyx. Some red wax remnants can be seen in the carving. The ring emanates darkness and feels cold and prickly to touch, even though the surface looks smooth.
It contains a tale;
This ring once belonged to the lich Nithem.
Armour type: ring
Stats: +5 dam, +dam special
It looks Very light weight (0.050 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.25m
It is called signet ring and identified as 'large signet ring', 'signet', 'signet ring', 'onyx signet ring' and 'ring'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: 85% gold, 15% onyx
Size: tiny
Quality: exceptional
From: Nithem, Lorenchia