A large yellow gem, emitting a bright yellowish light

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An egg shaped gem, beautifully cut with thousands of facets. As big as your

palm and weighs as a purse of 100 gold coins. An bright yellowish light radiate from the center of the gem. Making the facets sparkle.
It contains a tale;
King John selected a loyal local magician as the first master wizard of the savage coast. His name was Harazam. He was the beginning of a long history of famous magician, trained in the same way as Harazam trained his first apprentices. On his old days, he was overwhelmed by the power he had gained thru the years. And demanded to be on equal foot with the king when it came to power and responsibility for the savage coast. He demonstrated his powers by creating an extremely powerful artifact, that he called 'Harazam's star'. The creation of the gem drained his powers so much that he soon died, but part of the powers that the founder of the harazam mages possessed still reign inside this gem.

Armour type: talisman
Stats: +10 damage criticality
It looks a bit heavy (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 868000
It is called Harazam's star and identified as 'star', 'gem' and 'talisman'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: laen
Size: very small
Quality: exceptional
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