Damage criticality

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Help file
Skill duration: random
Type of skill: special skill (arcane skill).
Affecting stats: None.
It uses no endurance points.
One of the more recent ventures into the realm of magical studies, is the one that looks to the forces which limit the scope of magic that is drawn into this world. One of the results of these studies is a special form of magical concentration that can sometimes allow one to cast his spells at normally unthought of levels. By tapping into the unseen planes from which all magic power is drawn from, offensive spells can be cast with awesome devastation.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

One of blasters essential support skills.


There are four levels of criticals, listed below.

You feel like your spell gained additional power.
  1. Magical rifts open above <caster> and hideous rays of POWER combine her spell.
  2. The air is filled with pure energy and crackles with power.
    Unseen BURSTS of magic are absorbed into the spell!