A leather pumpkin shoulder pad

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An orange grinning pumpkin is attached to this shoulder pad. The pumpkin seem to be made of some kind of orange bone. The rest of the pad is leather.
Armour type: Sode
Stats: Different versions:
  • +1 avoid
  • +1 or 2 dex
It looks Light weight (0.745 kg)
Sacvalue: 42300-44200 (avoid version), 11200 (dex version)
It is called pumpkin shoulder pad and identified as 'pumpkin pad', 'shoulder pad', 'pad' and 'sode'
It takes the following slot: Arm
Made of: bone
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Random clan leader in Renardy
Other info: Worth 5891 gold coins. (avoid version)