A long, caribbean blue cloak

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Dyed with all the different beautiful shades of blue, this cloak seems to mirror the colours of the vast sea under the Caribbean sun's daylight and a silver moon's shimmering on the water at night. The cotton that was used to tailor this cloak is of finest quality and shows no sign of wear, yet.
It contains a tale;
Years ago, when Rallo Mosston arrived with his ship on a lush tropical island, the natives actually mistook his crazy appearance for the work of the gods and cowered before him in fear and worship. Being not that interested in the chief's fat daughter at all, he gladly took the tribe's wedding present, this cloak, and left the island as quickly as he could.
Armour type: great cloak
Stats: +2% Shipbuilding
It looks A bit heavy (3.900 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called caribbean blue cloak and identified as 'cloak', 'caribbean cloak', 'blue cloak', 'caribbean blue cloak', 'long, caribbean blue cloak', 'long cloak' and 'great cloak'
It takes the following slot: Cloak
Made of: cotton
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Rallo Mosston, Silver Lake City