Rallo Mosston, a barsoomian master cannoneer, sitting on the cannon

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The most noticeable detail about Rallo, a proud member of the four-handed albino-monkeys, also known as Barsoomians, is without a doubt the fact he's wielding four shiny sabres, and from his broad grin you get the clear impression that he certainly knows how to use them well. Amongst the sailors of the bat realm, Rallo is widely known to be an expert cannoneer on the one hand and to be extremely trigger-happy on the other hand, especially with cannon triggers. But one needn't even have heard one of these sailor's stories, the looks of this little fellow are already enough to expect a fair amount of craziness from him.
Rallo Mosston's equipment:

Cloak: A long, caribbean blue cloak

Wielded in lower right hand: A shiny highsteel sabre

Wielded in lower left hand: A shiny highsteel sabre

Wielded in left hand: A shiny weenite sabre

Wielded in right hand: A shiny weenite sabre

Spells: shelter
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Silver lake
Alignment: neutral
Race: barsoomian
Exp worth: 160k
Other info: Shoots with his huge cannon.