A long, heavy black cloak with diamond reinforcements

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a long, heavy black cloak with diamond reinforcements
A long, beautiful cloak woven of strong, black hemp and reinforced with

diamond plates. Diamond plates reflects light beautifully, making the cloak sparkle now and then. Cloaks design gives good overal protection for the wearer against anything he can face in the battlefield. It must have costed a fortune to make this beautiful cloak, so it must have been tailor-made for a general or some other high ranking officer.

Armour type: mail cloak
Stats: +6 parry, +6 combat sense
It looks Light weight (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called mail cloak,cloak, black cloak, mail black cloak and reinforced cloak
It takes the following slot: Cloak
Made of: 30% diamond, 70% hemp
Size: medium-size
Quality: superb quality
From: G'naa'Byeh, Small meadow