A magnificent shield of the spirits

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A magnificent shield of the spirits <red glow>
Almost transparent and strikingly beautiful, this shield is a true display of perfect craftsmanship. There are is a symbol consisting of seven black circles embedded into it, and when daylight shines upon it, an ornament resembling a tiger's head flashes upon the face of the shield for a moment. It feels cold and almost unpleasant to touch.
It contains a tale;
It is said that a skilled servant of Curath crafted this shield as a tribute to the notorious Bor Singh, the founder and first ruler of the clan Singh. Rumour has it that this craftsman succeeded in implementing a little of the fighting spirit of the old god Curath himself into this shield. What that means in effect the craftsman never lived to tell, but it is said that this mystic weapon has endured unimaginable exertion during the centuries, and it still looks flawless.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: +2% parry & in AWE condition +4 con. Gives more con the worse condition it is in.
It looks Heavy (4.32 kg)
Sacvalue: 213 - 263k
It is called shield and identified as 'shield of the spirits', 'full' and 'shield'
Made of: laen
Size: medium-sized
Quality: flawed
From: Kourish, Shipwreck