A majestical ruby necklace

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A majestical ruby necklace <red glow>
It is a a fine piece of jewelry and was obviously made with extreme talent and devotion. A hexagon shaped ruby hangs on the golden chain dazzling enchantingly. The royal symbol of Eowyn's Kindom has been carved on the other side of the ruby.
Armour type: necklace
Stats: +4 Wis & -3 con
It looks Very light weight (0.2 kg)
Sacvalue: 105k - 109k
It is called Ruby necklace and identified as 'necklace', 'ruby necklace' and 'majestical necklace'
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: ruby
Size: extremely small
Quality: standard
From: King Eowyn, King Eowyn's Land