A pair of pure white flowing sleeves

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The pure white sleeves seem to flow like a calmly streaming spring. On each sleeve there is a purple embroidery symbolizing scales of balance, furthermore the ends of the sleeves are embroided with a silver lining all around.
It contains a tale;
The sleeves were granted to Esachen's highest servant in Lanzia, Alexandra. Through her Esachen upheld the fragile stability for hundreds of years, until a pack of chaotic slayed her ruthlessly in the name of Burglefloogah.
Armour type: sleeves
Stats: +8 Wis, +3 Con & +special
It looks Very light weight (0.350 kg)
Sacvalue: 614k
It is called sleeves and identified as 'flowing sleeves', 'white sleeves', 'pure sleeves', 'white flowing sleeves', 'pure white flowing sleeves' and 'sleeves'.
It takes the following slots: Arm & Arm
Made of: cloth
Size: small
Quality: exceptional
From: Alexandra, Lanzia
Other info: Requires name to wear.