A runed black highsteel two-handed sword

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A runed black highsteel two-handed sword <red glow>
This is a very old blade forged by Kurgan himself during the Great Wars. Blessed by the old father, it has withstood the test of time. As sharp now as it ever was. The blade is made of the blackest highsteel and it's runes is shining with a ghostly glow. The balance in the blade is perfect. A deadly blade even in the hands of a novice. Wield it with pride. Lammas Torc Andthi and Nosay got their heads decapitated when they fought the original owner of this blade. The date was the 24 day of the 10 month (Blayhrr) in the year 696.

Honour them!

Weapon type: 2h sword
Stats: none
It looks Very heavy (12.392 kg)
Sacvalue: ~712k
It is called two-handed sword and identified as 'black sword', 'two-handed sword', 'runed sword', 'runed two-handed sword', 'black runed sword', 'sword' and '2h'
Made of highsteel
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Kurgan, Horsehead Mountain
Compares between: Mace of Thunder and A silvery bastard sword