A silvery bastard sword

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A silvery bastard sword <chilling> <red glow>
This weapon is an example of the prowess of the smiths of Kalevala. The weapon practically glitters with quality. Some great smith must have created it with painstaking care. It is obviously a weapon of great enchantment. The blade of the weapon exudes a frosty aura.
Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: +cold damage
It looks Heavy (7.769 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.28m
It is called silvery bastard sword and identified as 'bastard', 'sword', 'bastard sword' and 'a silvery bastard sword'.
Made of silver
Size: Missing size
Quality: superb
From: Lord Wainamoinen, Wainamoinen's Land
Compares between: Slender and Deocide
Other info: Heft data:

Size 37, Str 74: You can wield a silvery bastard sword in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.
Size 55-60 (barsoomian), Str 116-205: You can skillfully wield a silvery bastard sword with one hand with ease.