A shiny rapier with finger guard and white hilt

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a shiny rapier with finger guard and white hilt <red glow>
This weapon is of excellent quality. It has comfortable pale white hilt with beautiful ornamental engravings. The finger guard of the rapier is made from black metal mesh. The extremely sharp blade of the rapier seems to be made from some shiny hard metal and is bare except small engraving near the hilt.

The engraving reads 'Le Papa'.
It contains a tale;
This is the famous sword of Marquis L'epaul Droite.

Weapon type: rapier
Stats: +specials (often) +asphyx damage (does NOT show in any type of ID)
It looks A bit heavy (3.228 kg)
Sacvalue: 387k-413k
It is called le papa and identified as 'le papa', 'papa', 'rapier', 'white rapier', 'black rapier' and 'marquis rapier'.
Made of 8% bone, 90% tadmium, 2% darksteel
Size: small
Quality: great
From: Marquis L'epaul Droite, world's best fencer, horseback rider and humble gentleman, Valley of the Kings
Compares between: Weeping Blade / Trilloch's Sword and Necroblade / Green death