A silk belt with glowing buckle

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a silk belt with glowing buckle
It is a fine silk great belt with a brightly glowing buckle of metal. The belt is of high quality silk, dyed blue with some white tie-dye patterns. The buckle has some runes on it, and the runes glow really bright - too bright to read them, but you can feel them with your fingers. Something about Aveallis' greatness, no doubt.
Stats: +3 Dam, +5 Hit, +4% Slash, +8% Radiant slash, + Sheds light
It looks almost weightless (0.800 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.09m
It is called: It is called light belt and identified as 'silk belt', 'belt', 'great belt', 'silk great belt', 'belt with glowing buckle' and 'silk belt with glowing buckle'.
Made of: 80% silk, 20% illumium
Size: small
Quality: great
From: Missing where from gained