A small jug (full)

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a small jug (full)
A first glance this looks to be a small clay jug. Closer inspection shows this not to be a simple jug but the everfull jug of the Aquaton. The jug is a bulging, rosey-grey clay with a long narrow neck. Black and crimson artwork intertwinearound the base and neck. The bottom of the jug is covered with rough, arcane runes. It is completely full of water.
It is completely full of water.
Stats: A self-refilling water source.
It looks Light weight (1.050 kg)
Sacvalue: 1
It is called: jug and identified as 'jug', 'aquarius' and 'everfull'.
Made of: clay
Size: tiny
Quality: shoddy
From: Llyth, Perin's