A star-shaped sapphire medallion

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This medallion is made of pure sapphire. The sign of Brantis, which is located on the back of the medallion, indicates that somehow Brantis used this item to somehow channel power to the Dragon that wore the medallion. The chain of the medallion is made from a rare blue fiber called Cyliconium, made only in the once prosperous local city.
Armour type: medallion
Stats: +2 Int
It looks Light weight (0.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 33400 - 33800
It is called medallion and identified as 'medallion', 'star', 'sapphire medallion', 'star-shaped medallion' and 'star-shaped sapphire medallion'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: sapphire
Size: extremely small
Quality: flawed
From: A really NASTY blue snapdragon, Castle Brantis