A sturdy maul created to perfection

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This divine maul is surely not made by the hands of men, or any other being that walks this plane of existance. The craftmanship needed to forge a weapon of this quality can't come from anything else than a divine being. Even though the weapon clearly hasn't lost any of its sturdiness over time, it has clearly been used as there are several deep scratches in it. It seems to be made of some kind of metal, but it does not seem to be just any metal. Sparkles of light dance around this almost self-illuminated weapon. There seems to be some text ingraved on the side of the maul's head.
It contains a tale;
'For the ultimate sacrifice to please us regardless of the costs. More mortals should be like you. Forever grateful. - The Gods'
Weapon type: maul
Stats: +10% enhance criticals, +asphyxiation damage
It looks weighty (13.790 kg)
Sacvalue: 2374k
It is called It is called maul of divinities and identified as 'maul' and 'maul of divinities'
Made of mithril
Size: smallish
Quality: Missing quality
From: LQ 71: The ritual of sacrifice
Compares between: Nightfall and Xormor