A translucent blue ball

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A translucent blue ball <red glow>
This smooth shiny ball has about four inch diameter. It is translucent blue and made from some crystal-like material. A small brass sextant can be seen molded into the inside of the ball.
It contains a tale;
This is the ball of navigation from the SS Seabird. It will give its owners the ability of clairvoyance.
Armour type: ball
Stats: +5% summon & with name clairvoyance/3sp
It looks Light weight (1.64 kg)
Sacvalue: 62k
It is called ball of navigation and identified as 'ball', 'ball of navigation' and 'navigation ball'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: 51% sapphire, 4% brass, 45% glass
Size: somewhat small
Quality: inferior
From: Miro, Valley of the Kings
Other info: After id changes name to 'Your translucent blue ball of navigation <red glow>', if it has your name on it.

Otherwise 'The translucent blue ball of navigation <red glow>'.