A translucent crimson ring of the Twilight

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a translucent crimson ring of the Twilight <red glow>
A small, translucent ring with tint of crimson reflecting from its outer rim. A flawless, deep red ruby is set on the ring, drawing nearby light into it. With a closer examination, ruby's core seems to shift sluggishly and reshape again in its jewelled prison as if a soul had been bound inside it.
It contains a tale;
Legends say that the Twilight Emperor killed one hundred and seven thieves and bind their souls into a ring, which was to become one of his greatest treasure.
Armour type: ring
Stats: Gives skill conceal, +7% sleight. +emits darkness
It looks Very light weight (0.005 kg)
Sacvalue: 156k
It is called Twilight ring and identified as 'ring', 'twilight ring', 'crimson ring' and 'translucent ring'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: chrysoberyl
Size: tiny
Quality: exceptional
From: G'naa'Byeh, Small meadow