Athame of severing

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athame of severing <red glow>
The athame sparkles in prismatic colours and its curving blade is almost transparent. Meant for drawing and cutting powerful glyphs on any surface it would fetch a high price amongst artisans of any craft.
Weapon type: Knife
Stats: +insig-slightly gem cutting, +2% cast transformation, +remove field special
It looks Light weight (0.72 kg)
Sacvalue: 173k
It is called athame and identified as 'athame', 'severing athame' and 'knife'.
Made of diamond
Size: extremely small
Quality: perfect
From: Shacul, Conclave
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: You can wield it and 'sever field' to remove any standard magical field in the room, such as imprisonment, shelter etc. Has a recharge time.