Axe Of Knighthood

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Axe Of Knighthood <red glow>
You have never seen an axe like this. It's huge sized and has a strange runes written on it. You bet you could deliver quite a cleaves with that.
It contains a tale;
The legend tells only one knight in history has managed to pass all tests in courage to achieve the title: Protector Of Her Highness. This must be his axe.
Weapon type: great axe
Stats: +asphyxiation damage, +hit, emits darkness, good wield only
It looks Very heavy (11.198 kg)
Sacvalue: 400k
It is called great, axe
Made of durandium
Size: medium sized
Quality: inferior
From: Dark Knight, Goddess Garden
Compares between: the Drow Lord's Axe and the legendary iron Mace of Luck
Other info: Heft data:

Size 50 (barsoomian), Str 167: Axe Of Knighthood is huge, you could try three or four hands but...