The Drow Lord's Axe

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The Drow Lord's Axe <burning> <red glow>
The handle of this axe is made from a jet pearl with silvered runes running along the length. The blades are huge, perfect half moon curves that are encased in flame. The heat from the blades is absorbed into the runes, making this weapon cool to the touch and comfortable to hold. At the very end of the handle a black pearl is inscribed with the word ALEVAL.
Weapon type: Great axe
Stats: +Fire damage
It looks Very heavy (12.246 kg)
Sacvalue: 15k
It is called drow axe and identified as 'axe' and 'great'
Made of highsteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: good
From: Aleval, Perin's
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown