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General description: A cute area aimed at newbie/lowbie level players. A rather safe area, if you avoid annoying any "named" monsters/NPCs. Due to abundance of tiny, easily killable monsters, it has become popular among players of certain guilds, who are interested in readily available organs, souls, or other such things.
Location on Laenor:
(whereami: 524x, 606y)
Difficulty: Newbie/lowbie area
Coder: Malar
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
Other information: Old man at the entrance says 'Bigger adventurers are not needed here anymore. Most of the evil is gone, and inexperienced adventurers are quite safe in these woods. '

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A big fat salmon fish neutral
A brown cave bear bear a bit good
A cozy sprite female sprite neutral
A fat grey rat rat neutral
A grey baboon monkey neutral
A grumpy, busy hobbit treads along hobbit a bit good
A happy male sprite sprite neutral
A large black stallion horse
A large male gorilla monkey neutral
A little pixie 393 pixie good
A mischievous brownie 523 brownie good
A small bear cub bear neutral
A tiny colibri bird neutral
An old man human a bit evil
An old relaxed hobbit hobbit a bit good
Dicha the armourer hobbit a bit good
Dusoll the master smith hobbit a bit good
Female baboon monkey neutral
HUGE boa constrictor snake evil
King crab crab neutral
Lazy trout fish neutral
Liezeb the druid human good
Rewieldan the accountant hobbit a bit good
Scaly cave fisher spider a bit evil
Small brownie 192 brownie good
Small female gorilla monkey neutral
Thapsi the master merchant hobbit a bit good
The Seneschal of the Beastlord 5.4k n
The Silverback Guardian beast 16k yes
The sprite grandmother dozes in a chair sprite neutral
Vacuum Fluctuation the Ogre ogre good