Black trident called 'Reaper'

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Black trident called 'Reaper' (glowing) <choking> <red glow>
This trident was made with excellent craftsmanship. The blades are forged from hard black alloy and the edges are sharper than anything you have ever seen. The long handle made from sturdy oak is treated with sap to improve the grip.
Weapon type: trident
Stats: +dam, +asphyxiation damage
It looks Heavy (6.260 kg)
Sacvalue: ~886k
It is called Reaper trident and identified as 'reaper', 'trident', 'black trident', 'reaper trident' and 'Reaper'
Made of titanium
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Old convent
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown