Blade Wind, the highsteel wakizashi

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Blade Wind, the highsteel wakizashi <shocking> <red glow>
A gleaming short sword made by the orc weaponsmith, this weapon is intended for the offhand. It is light, sharp, and made from highly reflective silver-alloyed steel. The handle is bound with rust-red leather and a scarlet silk ribbon is tied just below the hilt.
Weapon type: wakizashi
Stats: +2 bladed fury etc. when used with Blood Mirror, the highsteel katana
It looks A bit heavy (2.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 1250
It is called wakizashi and identified as 'blade', 'wind', 'blade wind', 'highsteel wakizashi' and 'wakizashi'
Made of highsteel
Size: small
Quality: great
From: Kurya the legendary orcish silver samurai stands here
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown