Blood Mirror, the highsteel katana

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Blood Mirror, the highsteel katana <shocking> <red glow>
This is the masterpiece of the orc weaponsmith, a katana made of steel so pure and so smooth it reflects better than silver, glass, or water. The handle is wrapped in the skin of some reptilian beast, whose hide provides a rust-red leather, and a scarlet silk ribbon is tied just below the hilt. It is perfectly balanced and has a razor-sharp edge.
It contains a tale;
The balance in the combined blades of Blood Mirror and Blade Wind is so perfect that, when used as the paired weapons daisho, they move faster and more gracefully. Blade skills with them are enhanced. However to take advantage of this ability the blades must be in a flawless state of repair.
Weapon type: katana
Stats: +2 bladed fury etc. when used with Blade Wind, the highsteel wakizashi
It looks Heavy (5.2 kg)
Sacvalue: 2500
It is called katana and identified as 'mirror', 'blood mirror', 'highsteel katana' and 'katana'
Made of highsteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Kurya the legendary orcish silver samurai stands here
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown