Blight of the shunned

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Blight of the shunned info from help file
No saving throw
Spell duration: 5 rounds
Type of spell: attack spell.
Affecting stats: wis
Cast type: incorrect CT (Cast Type)
Spell point cost: 191 -
Spell words: saldia nen yru gerue wefe
In every high or low society there are honourable people and without honour,

you're less than nothing. They say that there is even honour among thieves. And those who do not have honour have no place in the society. They become the shunned ones, much like Burglefloogah and the voiceless of the swamps. But if one doesn't have honour, one can have respect. Respect is rarely given, but it may be earned, sometimes with merit and sometimes with fear. The voices of the voiceless will never be heard until they're too many and too loud and then it's already too late. The shunned ones overtake the night and they shun the ones who once shunned them. It's their blight. This death spell uses the power of the mummies to make the enemy slightly more susceptible against all kinds of attacks, while it also creates one bigger weakness - one which the priest often knows best to exploit.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell:

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