Butterfly farm

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General description: Small area, with activities available for newbies to midbies.
Location on Laenor:
(whereami: 439x, 278y)
Central northern Laenor, north from PCity Evergreen.
Coder: Heidel
Size (in rooms): 16+
Map of the area:
Other information: Entrance is blocked by a HUGE red squirrel, guarding the clearing for characters over certain level.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A HUGE red squirrel, guarding the clearing 99k neutral
A nasty big plant with lots of yellow flowers on it 79k plant a bit evil
A red squirrel, watching the butterflies in amazement 3k neutral
A zombie, covered in small yellow flowers (undead) 57k neutral
Juniper, the elven butterfly farmer 32k elf neutral