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MATERIAL STATS (electrum):

Weight (g/l):  (very heavy)       Sturdyness:    (sturdy)
Magic:         (very magical)     Flammability:  (normal)
Warmth:        (chilly outfit)    Toxicity:      (very toxic)
Resistivity:   (lousy insulator)  Malleability:  (solid)
Mentality:     (low mentality)    Reactivity:    (poor reactivity)
Weapon rarity: (rarely used)      Armour rarity: (sometimes used)
Value (gp/kg): (valuable)         Rarity:        (common)
Article:       an                      Type:          Metal
Found nature:  Yes                     Lode name:     Lode
Raw names:     nugget, chunk
Refined names: bar, mold, casting

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