Highguard bastard sword

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Highguard bastard sword <red glow>
This sword is one of the fine blades wielded by Domgroths highguards guarding his mansions entrance. Namely, this sword has been taken from either Eni or Esi. You regognize the material of the blade to be electrum. Hilt is crafted out of bone and there is quite big opal mounted into the osmium pommel of the sword. The sword fits very well into your hand. It feels almost perfectly balanced. Only almost thought.
Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: none
It looks Heavy (8,7 kg)
Sacvalue: 4200
It is called highguard bastard sword and identified as 'highguard bastard sword', 'bastard sword', 'sword' and 'bastard'.
Made of 15% bone, 5% opal, 72% electrum, 8% nullium
Size: Missing size
Quality: poor
From: Eni / Esi, Domgroth's mansion
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown