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Haidate are a late occurrence in oriental armour. Hai-date are the 'trousers' of samurai armor, covering the waist and thighs. However, more often than not the samurai didn't wear their haidate, deeming them uncomfortable and likely to slow them down when on the run.

Be that as it may, I would suggest, having once being the victim of a sword called Torso Maker, that you make haidate and wear them when you fight. Your thighs will thank you.

Slot(s):                                leg
Size:                                   large

Protection against:

cut                                    very good
stab                                   very good
bash                                   poor
other                                  very good

Leg slot armours: haidate, kilt, leg protector, leggings, pants, shorts, skirt & sune-ate.

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