Blacksteel greave

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blacksteel greave <red glow>
A greave is basically a large armoured shin guard. In this case, it is a sculpted sheathe of darksteel that fits around the leg from the ankle all the way up to the knee, curving around to protect the sides of the calf and hooking back to cover the hamstring. Buckled straps wrap around the leg to secure it. A curved, slightly thinner piece mounted on a slight hinge extends above the knee to go a small distance up the thigh. The front of the greave has been carved into a scene of a thick, leafy forest.
Armour type: haidate
Stats: +2 dam, +insig cutting protection
It looks A bit heavy (3.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 188k
It is called greave and identified as 'greaves' and 'haidate'.
It takes the following slot: Leg
Made of: darksteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Trilloch's zoo