Catfolk tree

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General description: The catfolk tree is actually a village that consists of six trees and bridges connecting them. As well as other Shinarae's areas it includes nice amount of little details and secrets.
Location on Lucentium: (missing location)
Difficulty: most rooms can be explored by a newbie with moderate skills, most monsters can be handled by a newbie party. The racist catfolk may attack on sight if the character is not a catfolk, but it can be evaded by most players or killed by a small newbie party.
Coder: Shinarae
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
Other information: Kuroth in northwestern tree buys some types of equipment and pays far better price than Shadowkeep or Arelium armourer/weaponsmith not even mentioning player city stores. Whereami returns Tree village on the continent of Lucentium. (Coordinates: 234x, 151y; Global: 7791x, 10687y

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A black-furred catfolk is deep in prayer 4.9k
A black-furred panther warrior quietly creeps by 7.5k - 8.4k
A black-pelted catfolk stumbles along smiling 8k
A black catfolk is jogging through 5k
A black panther-like catfolk warrior stealthily stalks here 4k - 12k
A catfolk resembling a cougar wanders around 15k catfolk good
A catfolk walks by, playing a musical instrument 11k
A catfolk wanders past, writing something down 7.4k
A cougar-furred catfolk warrior patrols through 10k - 14k catfolk good
A cougar-like catfolk warrior is on the prowl 7.5k - 21k catfolk good
A cougar catfolk in training hurries by 10k
A furry lynx catfolk in armour stands ready 3k - 11k
A fuzzy lynx catfolk with a mace guards the area 3k - 10k
A handsome leopard-spotted catfolk strolls by 2k
A large jovial catfolk shuffles a deck of cards 21k catfolk
A large lion guard in golden armour marches through on patrol 37k - 42k
A large maned lion wearing golden armour stands on guard 27k - 43k
A large tiger-furred catfolk leans against a wall 29k good
A large tiger-striped catfolk stands on guard 6k - 12k
A large tiger catfolk is standing here 18k catfolk
A large tiger catfolk looms near the table 19k - 28k catfolk good
A leopard-furred catfolk keeps an eye on the room 6k
A leopard-skinned catfolk stands here, smiling at passers-by 3.5k catfolk
A leopard-skinned catfolk wanders by, laughing to himself 3k - 4.1k catfolk
A leopard-spotted catfolk sulks here 1k
A lovely and shapely tigress catfolk 57k - 62k catfolk
A majestic lioness catfolk in formal gear slowly walks past 16k - 23k catfolk good
A muscular tiger catfolk is sitting and relaxing 18k
A muscular tiger catfolk is standing here 18k
A muscular tigress catfolk is heading to work 19k
A panther catfolk looks around suspiciously 5.3k
A plump, middle-aged leopard catfolk sits at the desk 35k - 38k catfolk no
A proud lion catfolk strides boldly through 15k - 42k catfolk good
A quiet leopard-furred catfolk walks quickly past 2k - 5.3k catfolk
A robust tigress catfolk rests in the shade 17k
A short, sad-looking catfolk sits here 4.4k - 8k
A short, smiling lynx catfolk stands behind the counter 52k - 61k catfolk
A short, well-dressed white catfolk saunters by 6.6k
A short silver-furred catfolk walks by, mumbling angrily 4k
A shy leopard-furred catfolk walks by very slowly 1k
A silver-furred catfolk in religious garb walks past 4k - 6.6k
A sleek cougar waitress walks around with a tray 12k catfolk good
A small kitten catfolk plays here 1k catfolk
A spotted leopard-furred catfolk warrior wanders by 1k - 5.6k catfolk
A spotted leopard-skinned catfolk warrior saunters by 2k
A tall tigress catfolk is heading to work 17k
A tan-furred catfolk slowly walks by, mumbling something 7.6k catfolk good
A tan-furred catfolk stumbles by, half asleep 10k catfolk good
A tan-furred mountain lion catfolk stands behind the counter 108k catfolk good
A tiger-striped catfolk is here, pruning some branches 35k - 40k catfolk
A white spotted catfolk stalks around 7k
A white tigress catfolk of unusual size checks things out 30k
An armed lion guard stands by the bottom of the stairs 41k - 48k
Racist catfolk exclaims 'Hey! You bastard, get out of here! catfolk yes
The king of the catfolk stands here in full battle gear 180k - 215k catfolk
The roller stands at the table for your gambling pleasure 14k catfolk good