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Also known as skeep
General description: Shadowkeep is one of the five main cities, located in Rothikgen continent. Besides the infamous dungeons, Shadowkeep also is the home of the guilds of Bards and Shadow Sabres.
Location on Rothikgen: Central part
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Amarth
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area:
                                             +    +
                  The map of Shadowkeep      |Nrth|
                    1995 / 2000 edition      +gate+
                                             |    |
          ,----+----+----+----+----+----+----'    `----+     The stronghold
          |         s l a u g h t e r            Sewers|        in the
          +    ,-----------------------------.    ,----+    eastern frontier.
          |    | Prison Complex              |Fnt |
+----+----'    `-----------------------------'    `----+   C    City of
 W.gate             g a r r i s o n                    | K A honor, justice
+----+----.    ,---------.    ,---------.             -- E S      and
          | r  | Shayedem| h  | Genstore| M a r k e t    E T unknown perils.
          + a  |         | o  |         |  p l a c e  -- P L
          | n  | Imposing| n  |Tow Magic|     Wll      |   E   Amarth
          + s  |  Conserv| o  |         |              +        Shadowstring
          | o  |Eqs      | r  | Armourer|              |
          + m  `---------'    `---------'              `----+----+
          |         c a n t i c l e                              |
          +    ,--------------.    ,------------------------. h  +
          |    |Clb           |    | Bank Pub       Wpnsmth | u  |
          +    |              |    |                        | m  +
          |    |         Rent |    | Great Library    Temple| b  |
          +    `--------------'    `------------------------' l  +
          |         t a l e   t e l l e r s'                  e  |
          +----+----+----+----+----+----+----.    ,----+----+----+
                                             | Dck|

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Captain in the Crimson Brigade, training recruits human
A Magic Mouth, a grotesque exemplification of an opulent lifestyle, resting on the wall next to the drawbridge ~2 xp monster neutral
A big watchdog guarding something (undead) 15k - 23k dog
A bulging dwarf guard standing in position 8.5k dwarf
A colossal guardian mutant 7k - 9k ogre no
A crescentic viper lurks here 31k
A dangerous serpent is about to bite you 17k
A dragonish python feeding itself with you 22k
A dwarven guard, almost asleep at his post 6.4k
A fallen human wizard 24k human evil
A feeble prisoner taking his daily walk 4.0k - 6.4k evil
A guardian mutant guarding the walking prisoners 10k - 23k mutant
A junior prison guard, pretending to be macho 4.7k - 7k human
A knight-soldier of Shadowkeep 5.1k monster
A lean prisoner taking his daily walk 17k - 19k devil evil
A lonely little dwarven guard 7.4k dwarf
A muscular con man is hiding in the shadows 6k - 7k human evil
A paladin measuring the strength of the keep 4.9k monster good
A platypus, wondering where it is 745 platypus
A priest of Faerwon securing his God's place in the keep 3.4k - 3.5k human
A senior prison guard 44k human
A silent magician walking around, destinationless 180k - 238k human good
A skinny prisoner taking his daily walk 4.0k - 7.7k minotaur evil
A social worker is inspecting the prison's athmosphere 4.5k human
A spectator one of the beholder-kin 30k - 44k evil
A sturdy prisoner taking his daily walk 4.0k - 8.4k giant evil
A thin prison rat looking for food 308 rat
A victim of the Torturer 719 human
A woman clad in black is leaning to a wall ~10k (always bad exp, fights like ~100k mob) human
A young knight of Shadowkeep strolling proudly around the keep 1.3k - 2.3k monster
A young maiden, walking quickly 915 monster
An aggressive elemental formed of strange mist 22k - 38k elemental evil
An aggressive fat prison rat 542 - 649 rat evil
An aggressive guardian lich (undead) 39k monster good no
An angry inmate just killing you 99k
An usher, guarding the mahogany door monster no
Angus MacDuff, the main guard 55k - 59k human
Aupro, the gateguard of Shadowkeep 326 - 350 human good no
Azekian, the guardian beholder 5.2k - 11k beholder evil
Cheshire the rentkeeper is purring silently here monster
Chunkster, the chunkshop's keeper 9.6k human
Daedaleure, the sovereign librarian human
Dl'andra, the 'tight' club hostess 23k - 30k demon
Dwarkil the mage monster neutral
Gibbin the Smith of Shadowkeep monster neutral
Hemet Bless'Ya, keeper of the pub human
Henry, the retired defender human
Hrolf the mass murderer 4k human
Justus the dropout, a total loser 3.6k - 4.1k human
Lord Maccus, the gatesmaster of Shadowkeep 29k human good
Myahat, the gateguard of Shadowkeep 23k human good no
Sir Flogham the known hero of Shadowkeep 3.7k human
Sir Garter the known hero of Shadowkeep 7.8k human
Sir Locksley the known hero of Shadowkeep 5.6k human
Sir Mayaxe the known hero of Shadowkeep 7k - 9.8k monster
The Beholder, the Warden, 'Grrzzaaah' of Prison complex 256k
The Grand Master Torturer 985k - 1051k torturer
Undead table
Valentinus the trader of starting equipment 128 monster neutral no
Wannard the Armourer of Shadowkeep monster neutral
Weirdo the no novice (not nice) 4.9k - 6k human
Yarmal, the gateguard of Shadowkeep 26k human good