Charred, scaly vest made of monster's hide

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This repulsive piece of armour is blackened and stained with blood. It appears to have been made out of some powerful monster's hide. Thick, steely black scales cover the hide that has been forged into some sort of vest. It surely offers protection against most weapons, and protects from some other forms of damage, such as intense heat. On both sides of the armour there are severed fingers hanging from thin, steel-like threads. Apparently they are trophies of some macabre sort.
It contains a tale;
There are many dark, godforsaken dimensions out there, many of them beyond mortal reach. Powerful demons lurk within, always searching for entrance to mortal realms to cause mayhem and havoc. Also more powerful beings dwell in those dark depths: one of them is Az'anzyl, the Demigod Bloodspirit, who also seeks for mortal realms to dominate, to enthrall - and to lay waste. This demonskin vest is made of the skin of a formidable demon that Az'anzyl slew during the early days of the world. He skinned the demon and wore its hide - probably more as a trophy than as a piece of armour, although it suits the latter purpose well. The severed fingers attached to the vest have been taken from slaughtered angels that fell on Az'anzyl's feet - the sorry ones that happened to cross his path on their quest to rid the evil from those worlds...
Armour type: vest
Stats: Different versions exist, at least these has been seen:
  • +spr & +enhance criticals
  • +dam & +fire resistance
  • +hpr & +dodge
It looks a bit heavy (3.499 kg)
  • +dam & +fire resistance (1610k)
  • +hpr & +dodge (1400k)
It is called Demonskin Vest and identified as 'scaly vest', 'demonskin', 'hide', 'charred vest' and 'vest'
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: darksteel
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: A hulking, tentacle-faced nightmare
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