Dark baptism

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Help file
Skill duration: random
Type of skill: special skill.
Affecting stats: Wi.
It uses 50 endurance points.
One of the sacred rites performed by evil priests upon each other and other servants of evil, is the rite of dark baptism. This reinforces their own pull towards evil. The person being baptized, if he is in the dark gods' favor, will recieve a small portion of power. Occasionally incredible abilities will be bestowed. If one is not favored by the dark gods, attempting a dark baptism could be very dangerous.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics> Meaning for different messages:

You feel like you're glowing.

maybe +light

You feel like you could float over water.


You feel slightly better in your spells.

+1% to spells

You feel like you could walk over water.

boot long water walking

You develop a caste iron stomach.

eat anything

You feel the dragon of evil awaken within you.

You can transform to dragon with 'dragonify'. Might turn you to a frog also :)

You feel like your more aware of what's happening around you.


You feel like you could be more at home in the water now.

fastmeta while in water

You develop a sudden taste for blood.

eat corpses

You feel like you could see magic.

boot long see magic

You feel like you could walk forever.

reduction to movement ep cost

You feel more resistant to developing green skin.

resist frog curse

You feel one with the soil.

suck nutrions from soil

Your heart seems to start working faster.

faster heart beat

You feel partially immortal

maybe avoid death

You feel different.

sometimes +5% spells