Darksteel Armour

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This suit of field plate mail has breastplate, backplate, and joints made from a reflective but dark metal. The remaining parts, such as the arms and legs, are made from polished highsteel. It looks like strong armour, for highsteel is reknown for its resistance to wear, and the darker metal seems just as hard.
Armour type: field plate
Stats: +50 hpmax
It looks Heavy (7.4 kg)
Sacvalue: 28k
It is called 'plate', 'field plate', 'highsteel field plate', 'suit', 'armour', 'darksteel armour', 'suit of armour', 'darksteel field plate' and 'darksteel plate'
It takes the following slots: Torso, legs, arms & hands
Made of: darksteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: good
From: Shinarae's book mob