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Field plate is actually a more commonly used form of full plate armor. 
It consists of shaped and fitted metal plates riveted and interlocked to
cover the entire body. Like plate mail, a set of field plate usually
includes a breastplate, armoured sleeves, armoured greaves (leg armour), 
and gauntlets, but unlike full plate, it does not include either a helmet
or any boots (which were left to the wearer). A thick layer of padding
must be worn under the armor.

This armor is rarely used, except by noble knights on a military campaign.
In theory, the bulk of a set of field plate armor is so evenly distributed
over the whole body that the encumbrance rating of field plate compares
quite favorably with that of plate mail and banded mail. In practice, the
increased protection is paid for with reduced mobility and increased

Each suit of this extremely rare and expensive armor is custom-made and
fitted for its prospective wearer. Only a master armorer can create field
or full plate armor, and only a master armorer can re-size captured pieces
of a suit for a new owner. The new owner must be of at least a similar size
and build as the previous owner, or the effort required to modify the piece
in question exceeds the expense and effort necessary in forging an entire
new set.

Aside from its expense, the main disadvantages of field plate armor are the
lack of ventilation through the suit, which make moisture and fungus a
problem, and the time required to put it on and take it off.

Field plate armor is typically used by the high knights of a kingdom, like
King Arthur's legendary Knights of the Round Table, for everything except
formal ceremonies and triumphant battle celebrations. Full plate armor is
reserved for such occasions where style is more important than combat.

Field plate can be fixed much more cheaply and easily than full plate, and
is built to withstand the rigors of long-term use and combat. The entire
body is encased in metal plates, and even the joints are protected with 
metal caps and sturdy chain mail. A great helm bearing the emblem of the
house or name of a legendary knight is common and is one of the few ways a
knight can recognize a friend or foe from a distance.

Field plate, while expensive and painstakingly crafted by master armorers,
is normally not adorned with many trappings or embellishments. Since
legendary knights make a habit of battling great armies and dragons almost
daily, their armor rarely lasts longer than a year without needing to be 
completely replaced.

In some places, wealthy warriors had better have a legitimate noble crest
or recognized royal patron on his field plate armor before parading them-
selves about town.

Slot(s):                                torso, legs, arms, hands
Size:                                   large

Protection against:
 cut                                    very good
 stab                                   very good
 bash                                   fair
 other                                  very good
List by type: banded plate, battlesuit, chain mail, elfin chain mail, field plate, full plate, mail coat, mail shirt, o-yoroi, padded armour, robe, robes, scale mail, shirt, sleeved coat, sleeved mail coat, splint mail and studded armour

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