Dispel good

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Dispel good info from help file
Saving throw: ½ damage
Spell duration: 4 rounds
Damage type: magical
Type of spell: attack spell.
Affecting stats: wis
Cast type: evil
Spell point cost: missing low - missing high
Spell words: missing spell words
Not to be outdone, the followers of evil learned through trickery, the workings of the spell, dispel evil. It was an easy task to rework the chants and reverse the effects. The evil casters would draw on their own evil thoughts and power, and direct it at the targets who were good beings. The power they were able to inflict was great, and with it they equalized the first great war between good and evil. The forces of evil hope one day to completely overthrow those who would see to uphold the good and right ways of the world.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell:

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