Divine Maul of Titans

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Divine Maul of Titans <chilling> <red glow>
This huge maul has been made of black nullium and looks like it smashes skulls effectively. It feels very clumsy in your hands.
It contains a tale;
The Maul of Titans was forged by an enslaved dwarven smith who was captured during the Mountain Wars of 1131. Tale tells that the titans were so excited about this weapon that they let the dwarf go. The smith got back to his dwarven friends and now they knew where the titans were and what kind of defences they had. The titans were slain, even though this weapon didn't turn the battle around.
Weapon type: maul
Stats: +cold damage, +20 Str, -Hit & emits darkness
It looks Heavy (6.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 7680000
It is called maul of titans and identified as 'maul' and 'the maul of titans'
Made of nullium
Size: smallish
Quality: perfect
From: Special version of Minesweeper event with bigger field and more mines than usually.

Most recent occasion was March 29th 2009, launched by Juggelo and won by Alakhai.

Compares between: Kraftigar and Serpentyne
Other info: Material may vary, it is certain at least very old mauls can be made of basalt.