Kraftigar, trident of darkness

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kraftigar, trident of darkness <red glow>
This weapon is not just made to kill. It is made to mutilate, dismember, torture and kill. Its substance seems to absorb light hungrily.
Weapon type: Trident
Stats: +5 str, +4? hit (aka. greatly), emits darkness, evil wield only
It looks A bit heavy (3.725 kg)
Sacvalue: 3.07 - 3.27m
It is called kraftigar and identified as 'kraftigar', 'trident' and 'polearm'.
Made of laen
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
From: Lesser demon of draen-dalar, Pauper's
Compares between: Sword of Clouds and Torso Maker
Other info: Heft data:

Size 59, Str 133-153: You can wield kraftigar, trident of darkness in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.
Size 60 (barsoomian), Str 195: kraftigar, trident of darkness is too big to be wielded in one hand, but would work in two or more hands