Dull grey helmet

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dull grey helmet (0/2)
This helmet is mostly comprised of a bowl-like piece of diggalite to cover the head. There is a small bill at the front of the helmet, and just below that, a set of clear green crystal eye protectors. A black cloth strap and steel buckle allow it to be securely fastened to the head.
Armour type: helmet
Stats: +4% mining, +infravision & holds two chunks of material of any size weightlessly
It looks A bit heavy (2.704 kg)
Sacvalue: 50-56k
It is called helmet and identified as 'grey helmet', 'mining helmet' and 'helmet'
It takes the following slot: Head
Made of: 5% cloth, 5% steel, 20% emerald & 70% diggalite
Size: somewhat small
Quality: flawed
From: Trilloch's zoo
Other info: For an unknown period of time, this item had unusual properties: its long description was basically the same than of any generic mineral box, it didn't have a valid armour type ("This armour is in great condition.") and therefor didn't give any armour protection or coverage. This was fixed by Tarken on 25th August 2012.