Trilloch's zoo

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Also known as Trillazoo
General description: Trilloch's personal zoo, coded by Shinarae<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>.
Location on Furnachia: Southern part
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Shinarae<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A cat-sized flying green insect (glowing) 3.4k - 3.8k
A flying six-pointed crystalline creature 86k - 99k golem
A giant five-headed reptile 212k neutral
A giant flying fish 15k - 39k neutral
A giant made of stone and metal 56k neutral
A hideous ghoul-like undead creature (undead) 91k - 131k yes
A horse-sized red ant crawls about 9.6k - 12k
A huge bat-shaped shadow (undead) 154k
A huge black bull, snorting fire 167k
A huge giant squid reaches out from the pool 126k - 137k squid yes
A huge green and black beetle wanders around 21k
A huge spider hangs from the ceiling 37k
A hulking earth figure 62k - 127k elemental
A large hairy m00se 55k - 57k no
A large spherical beholder hovers here 289k beholder
A metallic panther 54k neutral
A mummy shaped like a draconian (undead) 83k - 177k
A raging inferno 219k
A vicious chimera 174k neutral
An ogre-sized black buzzing wasp hovers here 19k
Bundle of glasslike spines 34k - 47k
Clattering clockwork centaur 31k golem
Dark green tree 128k tree
Flying transparent giant bat 21k - 26k
Flying transparent humanoid head 54k
Flying white dragon-shaped reptile 55k
Giant red humanoid with flaming hair 220k - 254k efriiti
House-sized blob of translucent yellow-green goo 287k - 309k slime yes
Huge four-headed carnivorous plant 157k - 195k plant yes
Huge reddish-brown jellyfish 76k neutral
Huge transparent tendril-covered flower 41k
Large blue snake-tailed, snake-haired woman 99k - 110k gorgon yes
Large crystal boulder on two stumpy legs 41k golem
Large steel boiler standing over the down exit 66k - 81k
Life-sized flying clockwork hawk 6k - 11k golem
Living dead vampire (undead) 45k
Prowling clockwork tiger 28k golem
Rolling ticking machine 32k
Skeletal knight riding a bone horse (undead) 107k
Sunstroke flowers neutral
The ghostly form of a minotaur (undead) 188k - 228k minotaur
White-blue flowers 49k no
White scaled polar wurm 106k
Wolf-sized clockwork dog 18k golem
Yellow-orange flowers 95k
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