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  • Endurance lowers the ep cost for all skills. Barbarians are the only guild that can train it to 100%, other guilds only get it to 30-40%.
  • This skill was uptuned in December 2012 by Juggelo: weenite boots no longer stack fully over it, it is now less random, and 100% endurance allegedly gives equal reduction to ep costs than weenite boots do.
Help file
Skill duration: random
Type of skill: special skill.
Affecting stats: Con.
It uses no endurance points.
In the simplest words possible, the last one standing is the winner of the battle. In order to be the last one standing, one must be able to sustain a level of physical activity in order to outlast his foe. Through rigorous exercise and training, one can condition one's self in order to be able to sustain his fighting level longer. Fatigue, not your enemy's blade can be the killer on a battlefield, because when fatigue is near, you can bet that blade is right behind it.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill: