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Stats: Str, Dex, Con, Wis, Int & Cha

Regen: Spr & Hpr

Skills: Alloying, Attack, Bargain, Battlecry, Blacksmithing, Bladed fury, Brawling, Cannibalize, Cast generic, Cast runes, Ceremony, Combat sense, Conceal spellcasting, Damage criticality, Discipline, Dissection, Dodge, Enhance criticals, Essence eye, First aid, Fishing, Flow of magic, Gem cutting, Glassblowing, Knowledge of infernal entities, Lumberjacking, Make reagent, Mana control, Masonry, Mastery of camping, Mastery of medicine, Mastery of pain, Mastery of shielding, Mineral cutting, Mining, Quick chant, Parry, Pick locks, Plant lore, Power of faith, Pulverize, Repair armour, Sewing, Songcasting, Songmastery, Songscribing, Stunned maneuvers, Tame mount, Theory of electrical engineering, Theory of mental power, Theory of pyromania, Turn undead & Vampiric blow

Spells: Banish demons, Cold ray, Dispel evil, Floating disc, Golden arrow, Harm body, Heavy weight, Hoar frost, Paralyze, Psychic crush, Psychic storm, Spider demon banishment, Spider demon channeling, Spider demon inquiry, Summon carnal spores, Tiger claw & Wrath of las

Prots: General, Cutting, Bashing & Stabbing

Resists: Physical, Magical, Acid, Cold, Fire, Asphyx, Psi, Poison & Electric

"Good": Good alignment wear only, Stronger vs evil & Sheds light

"Evil": Evil alignment wear only, Stronger vs good & Emits darkness

Special abilities: Avoid death, Clairvoyance, Eat corpses, Fast metabolism, Infravision, See invisible, See magic & Water walking

Other: Avoid, Dam & Hit