Evoke toad

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Evoke toad info from help file
No saving throw
Spell duration: 5 rounds
Type of spell: Neutral
Affecting stats: wis
Cast type: transformation
Spell point cost: 428 -
Spell words: elonaria inaiar bufo
The denizens of the swamp are very important to all those servants and

aspiring priests who serve their god Burglefloogah. The servants of darkness revere the marsh people more than they respect their own colleagues. While the servants of darkness keep each other in high esteem, they prefer to use as much of their time on the marshes to serve their master. While all frogs and toads are seen as kindred spirits, the regular frogs and toads lack the intelligence what is required to leave an everlasting mark into the swamp society. Because of that, the servants use magic to evoke frogs and help them to use their full capacity. The toads that are mentally awoken may perform different tasks and may even act as rulers of swamp domains. It's said that the contribution of the toad is often related to the wisdom and knowledge of the spell of the casting priest. The elder priests also warn that one should not choose toads that are likely to dominate other toads too much as cooperation gives the best results.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this spell:

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