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Are you looking for ferry, a class 2 ship type?

The realm of BatMUD is separated into five distinct continents, each with its own climate, areas, monsters, and features. While it is possible to swim from one continent to another, it would take considerable time and energy. On each of the five continents, one can find a harbor which caters to the BatMUD ferry system. For a few gold (depending on your level), and just a few minutes time, you may purchase a ticket for a ferry ride to another continent. After a ferry arrives to your harbor that is en route to your destination, you will be automatically hauled aboard by the crew and guided off the ship once you reach your destination. You may find the ferries in the following locations:

Laenor: Western Laenor, northwest of Laenor's main city Arelium
Rothikgen: Southern Rothikgen, a good hike south of Shadowkeep
Desolathya: Southeastern Desolathya, if you travel all the way southeast on the road from Calythien
Lucentium: Central northern Lucentium, north of Lorenchia
Furnachia: Northern Furnachia, just a few steps west of Rilynttar

You can find ferry locations at one of the sites listed below for each continent. To use the ferry, type 'travel <destination>' and your trip will automatically be scheduled. Money for the trip will be drawn from coins you have on you or your bank account if you are not carrying cash. If you do not have equipment on, you can use the portal in any of the major cities to travel between continents. There are signs posted in the correct room at the ferries for trip scheduling which give instructions.

No matter what level you are, you may use the ferry system. However, you may someday find faster means of traveling to another continent...

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