Fraggle Village

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General description: A village of fraggles for level 50 and under characters. No explore here.
Location on Lucentium:
(whereami: 131x, 195y)
On Jeskko's map
Difficulty: Newbie / Lowby
Coder: Runeaxe
Size (in rooms): ~20
Map of the area:
entrance         +
       E----0----0--0 shady
       |    |    |   
       |  0-0-0  |
       |  +      |
       |  0-0-R  |
       |      +  |
       0    ? ?  0+0--up--0 mayor
       |    +    |
       +         |  |
       0         0--0
 + is a door
 E entrance
 R Ripido

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A drunken singing fraggle 3k neutral
A fast fraggle running for fun 1.4k neutral
A fraggle merchant selling fruit 5000 neutral
A fraggle merchant selling junk 12k neutral
A fraggle showing off firebreathing tricks 9k neutral
A fraggle walking around neutral
A paranoid fraggle ambushing you 4k neutral
A rapid fraggle running around the block 3k neutral
A shady fraggle standing in a corner 5k neutral
A sophisticated fraggle butler 2900 neutral
An old fraggle stands here bored with life 800 neutral
Ripido, the fraggle bartender 42k neutral
Sheela, the sexy mayor of the town 7000 neutral