Frost sceptre

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frost sceptre <red glow>
A wonderful sceptre, made out of a gleaming metal. It has the symbols of Sel-Eh-Nah the icy queen engraved in it. The upper part of it consists of a stylized snow flake on a lunar crescent.
It contains a tale;
The symbol of Sel-Eh-Nah the silver queen, this sceptre was forged out of the remains of a star which fell into the. valley of the gods eons ago. Sel-Eh-Nah was known for her beauty, but also for her coldness. It is said, that she could. freeze the hearts of her lovers with a touch of her sceptre.
Weapon type: Missing type
Stats: It will slightly improve your ability at the skill cast cold
It looks It is light (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 25k
It is called Missing handles
Made of Missing material
Size: somewhat small
Quality: Missing quality
From: The gorgeous mummy of queen Sel-Eh-Naa (undead), Valley of the Kings
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown