Misty Forest

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Also known as mist, amazons, alchemist tower
General description: Misty Forest is actually four different areas; amazon city, amazon graveyard, orc caves and alchemist tower. There is also another scenic location some southeast from the first one, a rabbit cave that also leads into the area.
Location on Laenor: southeast from Druid guild
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): 67 + orc caves + alchemist tower
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A bleeding corpse staggering towards you (undead) 17k - 22k evil
A ghost of a dwarf miner (undead) - (doesn't leave a kill)
A huge orc is standing here 3.3k - 4.5k evil
A large ogre is standing here 4k evil
A large ogress is standing here 3k - 5.1k evil
A rotting zombie (undad) 11k - 13k evil
A small goblin is standing here 1k - 2k a bit evil
A warrior skeleton with flaming skull hunting for intruders (undead) 30k - 66k evil
Amazon bodyguard practicing her new moves on you 12k - 27k human yes
Amazon ghost (undead) 60k monster
Amazon mage Bantha 47k - 79k human no
Amazon mage Dane 27k - 67k human
Amazon mage Shade 45k - 70k human
Amazon mage Tanya 51k - 57k human
Amazon mummy (undead) 33k - 73k
Amazon princess Tigra is looking mightier than ever 547k human
Amazon princess Tigra is trying to rally the council ~100k human
Amazon warrior Anya is sitting silently 71k - 113k human good
Amazon warrior Lily looking worried 49k - 79k human
Amazon warrior Luna planning a rescue mission 34k - 84k human
Amazon warrior Opal thinking dark thoughts 23k - 86k human
Amazon warrior Tara is considering about slaughtering the orcs of Misty Forest 85k human good
Amazon warrior on garden duty 1.4k - 1.9k (almost no exp) human no
Amazon warrior on guard duty 7.8k - 13k human
An apprentice of the alchemist (Alaysia) 17k - 27k no
An apprentice of the alchemist (Anarthacus) 43k - 50k elf
An apprentice of the alchemist (Jason) 35k - 36k elf
An apprentice of the alchemist (Nanette) 31k - 48k elf no
Butler of the alchemist 4.4k elf
Cook of the alchemist 2k no
Fat and short orc clad in funny robe 28k
Gardener of the Tower 6.6k
Grand Master Alchemist enchanting things 123k - 125k human
Horrible skeleton mage (undead) 179k - 257k lich evil
Huge, imposing looking orc male 329k - 439k orc
Ice demon 24k - 29k evil
Lilian, ghost of amazon princess (undead) 105k - 127k
Messenger of the alchemist 3.5k human
Nasty looking orc wearing a black robe 15k orc
Orc guard looking for someone to kill 765 - 1.8k
Patrolling guard 3.4k - 5.5k
Renegade Knight of Order of Leitbur 88k - 100k
Skeleton of a DRAGON looking for something to chew (undead) 140k - 183k
Tall and thin orc clad in simple robe 7k
The black reaver is here searching for his prey 542k - 625k human evil
Wandering wight lusting after your life force (undead) 36k - 42k evil
Xarithos, the demon lord of Eternal Winter 262k - 291k Demon